Final phase of manufacturer coupon solution goes live

PPS has just implemented the final phase of its end-to-end the manufacturer national coupon solution with The Co-operative Group – a first for the UK market.

Phase 1 of PromoPay® E-Clearing, launched in August 2016, included the real-time validation of national manufacturer coupons at POS, since when coupons have been systemically validated against all promotion rules, meaning an end to misredemption and coupon fraud in Co-op stores.

Phase 2, launched in July 2017, has now seen invoicing commence directly from PromoPay, and the provision of redemption data files (daily and weekly) to issuers. Redemption data has never been available as quickly in the UK market.

The PPS solution, based on deep industry knowledge and innovative SaaS-delivered technology is the first ever in the UK market, and the financial and data benefits to retailers and issuers alike are unprecedented. PPS will be announcing new deals with UK grocery retailers before the end of 2017.