Our New Name
You may have noticed that we’ve traded our middle initial. PHS, our main brand since 1973, has become PPS, short for Promotional Payments Solutions. Why the seismic change? Well, nothing too earthshattering really. We just felt it was important for our name to better reflect what we do.

For decades we have provided promotional marketing, clearing and payments services to all of Ireland’s major grocery retailers and the vast majority of FMCG brands (well over 1,000 at the last count).

Back in the early days of promotional marketing few really considered the humble coupon to be a payment instrument. It was more likely to be thought of as a piece of paper that offered a discount, if used correctly, although until relatively recently no one really worried too much about the redemption rules.

But the promotional payments landscape has been changing for some time, and today everyone accepts that coupons, vouchers, savings schemes, loyalty points, targeted offers and stored value products (whether physical or digital), sit
alongside cash and general payments cards in the consumer’s wallet.

The main driver of these developments has, needless to say, been technology, and the incipient convergence of form. But the great innovation has been the arrival of cloud-based promotional payments services, encompassing a customer offers and stored value platform delivered direct to retailer EPOS in real time.

Our solution, based around our core platform PromoPay, is the very first to be deployed anywhere in the multi-lane grocery sector, an environment with its own exigencies, placing, as it does, the highest demands on software and infrastructure and setting it apart from solutions designed for lower tier and non-grocery merchant applications. Of all our strengths, the one fundamental differentiator setting us apart from those aspiring to follow us is the design excellence of our solution. PromoPay combines the unrivalled specialist capabilities of our team and holistic market knowledge, where detail is paramount.

Following successful pilots in 2012, PromoPay began operation across full supermarket and convenience store estates in 2013. Today we are integrated in real time with 3,500 grocery stores and more than 18,000 points of sale. But this is just the start of the journey for PPS and our customers. To learn more about where we are going and what we can do for your business, call us on +353 (0)1 409 8300 or email enquiries@promotionalpayments.com