Support Services

Customer Support We have 15 years of experience operating multi-channel customer support services. Using state of the art technology, we support consumers, retailers, industry partners, manufacturers and publishers. We supplement our experienced team with automated services that give our clients the best possible return. Our main focus remains in areas that support our core business ā€“ loyalty and rewards programmes, retail sales promotion schemes and prepaid card programmes.

Fulfilment Our concentration is on specialised fulfilment, where services of critical importance to our clientsā€™ business are dependent on our knowledge, systems and security. Over three decades of experience have taught us how to process sensitive customer data and high value orders to standards unmatched in our industry. Our experience and learning have fed into the development of our web based management applications that control every element of the processes, from order placement and payment to picking, packing and despatch.

One key learning over the years has been that one size most certainly does not fit all clients, and we never attempt to shoehorn your business into our processes. So our obligatory controls must also allow for tailoring of solutions, variable levels of personalisation and speed of order turnaround. Fit-for-purpose facilities, highly proceduralised process controls and security, operated by our dedicated and committed staff also set us apart from the rest.

E-Commerce We developed our first e-commerce site for the ESB (Electric Ireland) in 1999 and have continued to deliver e-commerce solutions to a broad range of blue-chip organisations ever since. Full online payments integration is standard and an emphasis on security is fundamental. In addition to fully serviced public sites for retail purchases, we specialise in web based sales management applications for corporate order placement, payment, processing, shipment, all with full status tracking throughout. Our systems allow for excellent management control, reporting and analysis of corporate sales activity. Sites may be delivered as white label products or fully branded to your corporate designs.