Closed Loop Card Programmes
Single retailers and those with branch or franchisee networks need look no further than a closed loop solution for all their prepaid card programmes – gift, savings, student or general ‘spend’. Our PromoPay platform delivers best in class SaaS to thousands of tills in supermarket and convenience stores, all in real time, and our application is integrated into the point of sale systems of leading EPOS software providers.

Integration with PromoPay is fast and straightforward, and once complete delivers total programme control to the merchant. Plan and introduce new programmes at short notice, open up your network for affinity marketing or run tactical promotional activity with full independence and full control.

Limited Network / Restricted Loop Card Programmes
For those multi-retailer environments where branding alone may be insufficient to prevent unwanted leakage (spend outside participating scheme merchants), introducing a restricted loop to a new or already existing programme is probably the answer. Also known as a Limited Network, it is simply an Open Loop scheme in which card usage is restricted or locked down to specified merchants. We look after the programme application and ensure that your programme is fully compliant in the ever-changing regulatory environment and in accordance with industry best practice.

Open Loop Card Programmes
Open loop card payments programmes, issued under licence from MasterCard, are the preferred choice for multi-merchant environments and for prepaid general card usage. Whether you are considering a shopping centre gift card, an employee reward card, or a currency or travel card programme, we will deliver a comprehensive solution that sets up, implements and manages your scheme - and we’ll guarantee to take negligible time from your management team in doing so.

Since we began with MasterCard in 2008 we have focused on enhancing our product to ensure that it remains more advanced than anything available in the Irish market. From our sophisticated reporting and analysis to our technical systems and highly responsive and knowledgeable support teams, no other company in our market can match our quality.