What Makes

Us Different

We believe we possess three characteristics that set us apart, that define our essence as a business. It’s not just that we design comprehensive solutions or deliver key services that aren’t available anywhere else. It’s both the way we do it and what we achieve for our clients that really makes us unique.

Our Approach?
Collaborative Innovation

Since the launch of PromoPay we haven’t stopped expanding and innovating, in part by anticipating, but more often through the deep collaborative relationships we maintain with our clients.

Our mission is not just to deliver client objectives, it’s to explore the art of the possible.

Sometimes it’s about being first to market; at others it’s by applying continual innovation in a way that is relevant to our clients’ businesses.

Our success is measured by one simple metric – our clients’ achievements – which we maximise by working together.

Our DNA?
Knowledge and Expertise

We don’t just know our stuff; we kind of invented it. Seven years ago, we took decades of experience of promotional marketing in the grocery retail industry, added some vital ingredients and blended them to deliver our game-changing promotional offers platform, PromoPay®, the first ever SaaS promotional solutions platform for the large grocery retail sector.

Our success has been founded on that bedrock of knowledge and experience.

Our Goal?
Strategic Impact

Our solutions extend way beyond evolution. From day one, we strive to make a strategic impact on our clients’ businesses by delivering unique solutions to replace legacy operating models.

In doing so, we strip out cost, eradicate financial loss, automate core processes and produce rich, immediate data and analysis.

But more than anything, we equip our clients for the transition to fully digital, genuinely personalised, customer engagement.

When it comes to promotional offers, relevance is being superseded by intelligence, delivered through PromoPay’s automated solutions.