Our purpose is to design solutions that enable retailers and brands to create and deploy promotional engagement strategies that extend to the limits of their imagination. That means real time, end-to-end networks and connections, comprehensive and intelligent features and content, and continuous, collaborative innovation.

Retailer Promotions

PromoPay® Retailer Promotions is an omnichannel customer offers platform for the digital age, optimised to drive customer engagement and acquisition strategies for leading retailers.

Our PromoPay platform is designed to enable focused retailers to create complex, personalised campaigns rapidly and efficiently, to deploy them immediately and to manage them in real time.

Through PromoPay’s user-friendly interfaces, personalised offers are pushed or triggered, whatever the scale – to till, mobile, website and e-wallet, and features SMARTRedeem® – automated, intelligent, fully validated redemption of coupons, vouchers and loyalty points at checkout, in-store and online.

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Live reporting and analysis allows retailers to remain in complete, real time control of their activities and to harvest and harness rich data. This enables both the maximisation of ROI and continuous improvement in targeting.

PromoPay Retailer Promotions is proven, marketing-leading, cutting-edge technology serving some of the largest and most advanced retailers in our markets. If you would like to explore what we could do together to drive your business, we’d love to hear from you.

National Brand Promotions

PromoPay National Brand Promotion is the first and only real-time solution for national brand-issued coupons in the grocery sector in the UK or Irish markets.

For retailers it automates processes, resolving legacy problems, including mis-redemption and fraud, and eliminates needless operational costs arising from multiple handling points and related delays.

For FMCG/CPG brands, it revolutionises the promotional coupon, transforming it from a blunt, mass distribution sales promotion medium into a sophisticated, personalised, fully measurable, real-time option for marketers in the digital age.

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First deployed in 2013, it features:

  • Real-time validation of all national manufacturer and publisher coupons tendered by customers at POS, against all promotion rules (value, dates, basket, velocity, stacking)
  • A full database of national manufacturer and publisher coupons, including multiple rule sets to cater for all operational promotion types
  • Rich, 100% independently validated redemption (and rejection) data, with detailed BI available to issuers in real time
  • Automatic invoice generation and settlement options for retailers and issuers

If you are a retailer or coupon issuer and would like to know more about PromoPay National Brand Promotion, please contact us.

Stored Value Solutions

Completing the full complement of promotional payments instruments, PromoPay includes a stored value solution module for card and virtual card issuing and transaction processing. Our unrivalled industry experience of providing A-Z card and virtual card solutions, includes design and sourcing, corporate order management systems, e-commerce solutions, and fulfilment.

PromoPay manages all aspects of closed and controlled loop card programmes on behalf of merchants.

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Products are available as both plastic and e-card and include:

  • Gift cards
  • Parent-student cards
  • Business account cards
  • Incentive, reward & discount cards
  • Savings cards
  • General ‘spend’ cards

Our card programmes are feature rich:

  • Products are fully configurable by the issuer
  • Operational parameters are defined and adjusted as required
  • Instant or deferred activation options
  • Multi-card accounts
  • Multi-currency products
  • Quick launch from concept to deployment
  • Easy till and virtual integration using PromoPay APIs
  • Full range of in-house card fulfilment options

All programmes include full support services for retailers and customers as well as real-time online card support screens for efficient query handling.

We also provide Mastercard Co-Branded Payments Card solutions for multi-retailer environments such as shopping centres. As a Mastercard Member Service Provider, PPS creates and manages card programmes for more multi-retailer environments in Ireland than any other company. Our A-Z solutions include e-commerce sites, card stock procurement, fulfilment and management.

PromoPay Loyalty

For all businesses, ‘loyalty’ is about retaining the customers you have and keeping the ones you win. Every aspect of a loyalty programme should reflect this objective, but all too often they are guilty of underwhelming the customer or overcomplicating the reward. In most cases, greater emphasis should to be placed on developing the emotional and psychological connection between brand and consumer and on simplifying the relationship for the benefit of both parties.

Questions like “what is the core brand proposition?” and “how do I prevent that from being lost in an array of clunky reward mechanisms?” should be front and central.

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Our loyalty module, ‘PromoPay Loyalty’ is designed to facilitate meaningful connection and enable the development of strong relationships through a holistic approach to customer engagement. Fully integrated with real-time transaction recording, points management and analysis, it allows the brand owner to select optimum engagement options to make the right decisions for their customers. And allied with PromoPay’s Offers engine, it provides an unrivalled platform for the management and execution of the biggest and most ambitious customer loyalty schemes in the market.