PromoPay® is the embodiment of our knowledge and experience, and the technology platform through which our solutions are delivered. As a company, we focus on making a genuine strategic impact on our clients’ businesses. PromoPay is the enabler, delivering the most comprehensive range of promotional payments solutions available today for retailers and brands alike – promoting loyalty, customer acquisition and sales.

While PromoPay meets the most exacting requirements of any retailer or merchant, it has been built for the most demanding environment of all – grocery retail. After years of gestation from initial concept through to V1.0 development, we gave PromoPay its full rollout in early 2013, and immediately began delivering game-changing solutions to our clients, playing a key role in their digital transformation journeys.

These journeys continue, as we work with each client according to their stage of development and long-term objectives, introducing progressively automated intelligence to form part of the decision-making processes in the area of promotional marketing.

Delivered as a range of SaaS solutions, and designed and proven in the highest volume retail environments, PromoPay is a real-time, end-to-end, controlled loop promotional issuing, validation and payments platform, with a variety of unique, integrated processes and features, including SMARTRedeem®.